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Reform Magazine | October 23, 2018

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February 2015

Editorial: A world of war outside my own

23/01/2015 |

Reading Anthony Beevor’s The Second World War, I have been struck by how many ways there are to die in a war. If battle itself doesn’t claim you, through bullet, bomb, fire or water, there are the possibilities of disease, … Read More

Sex and the Spirit

23/01/2015 |

In the last of a three-part series to promote discussion on questions about sex and God, 
Carla Grosch-Miller looks at the relationship between sexuality and spirituality

Recently I gave a talk about sex and Christianity in a church as part … Read More

Rites of way

23/01/2015 |

With more people becoming pilgrims today than ever before, Fred Hale surveys the wide variety of pilgrimages they are taking and the different reasons that send them out

Pilgrimage may be an ancient religious tradition, but it is also an … Read More

On the pilgrim way: The wants of life

23/01/2015 |

Sheila Maxey considers how to be honest about the wants of life

When I was about 14, I wanted to get married and have 12 children! I had been reading a silly book called Cheaper by the Dozen. When I … Read More

Reviews – February 2015

23/01/2015 |

Restoring the soul of the Psalms

Psalms Redux: Poems and prayers Carla Grosch-Miller Canterbury Press, Norwich £10.99 (available from the United Reformed Church online store; visit

This book uplifted my soul. The psalms which Carla Grosch-Miller has so … Read More