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Reform Magazine | December 13, 2019

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Christian activist: Let us boycott

24/04/2013 |

Dixe Wills on boycotting

Poor old Charles Cunningham Boycott. While Wellington bequeathed us his rubbery boot, the Earl of Sandwich his portable bread-based victuals, and Molotov his cocktail (writing as one who has made one, let me warn you that … Read More

Community-minded: Life-affirming celebrations

24/04/2013 |

With such serious economic and social issues to be addressed at the moment, it seems almost heartless to talk about resurrection joy and newness of life. However, we are still in the Easter season, and that is the Gospel message … Read More

On the pilgrim way: Ageing relatives

24/04/2013 |

I am the youngest among all my cousins; and, as I see them up ahead of me in the journey of life, I find myself taking a keen interest in how they are handling growing old. Perhaps I can get … Read More

Niall Cooper: Don’t panic

24/04/2013 |

“Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” Sergeant Jones’ famous refrain would be an apt response to the increasingly strident headlines in recent weeks about the future of the welfare state: “Benefit claimants flooding system”, “The government must reform the welfare state now”, … Read More

A letter from… Bolivia

24/04/2013 |

I travel to the Amazon every six weeks, from the city of La Paz where I live, and it is always an adventure. For seven months of the year the roads are impassable and I travel by river in canoes … Read More

Chapter and Verse: John 11:38-53

22/04/2013 |

The Temple authorities of Jesus’ time, found Jesus subversively, infuriatingly, terrifyingly difficult to cope with. So does the Christian Church. Institutions are inevitably concerned with their own survival, reputation and flourishing, while Jesus calls his would-be followers to “deny themselves, … Read More