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Reform Magazine | October 22, 2019

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Interview: For Jesus and Nigeria

27/09/2019 |

Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos, in central Nigeria, speaks to Charissa King and Stephen Tomkins

‘From my earliest moments, I was a rebel,’ says Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos. This rebellious streak has led him from rascally boyhood behaviour … Read More

Editorial: Empty nest

27/09/2019 |

Thirty-one years ago this month, I unexpectedly got a place a St Martin’s College, Lancaster, and my mum drove me up the motorway from London.

As we were early, we walked around the town in the rain, without managing to … Read More

Interview: A liberal helping

23/08/2019 |

Tim Farron MP talks to Stephen Tomkins

Tim Farron became Leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2015, to pick up the pieces after the party was decimated in a general election that reduced its Westminster seats from 57 to eight. … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘Schools must step up religious education’

23/08/2019 |

Paul Kerensa questions the religious education get out clause

The email from my daughter’s school was titled ‘Rabbit visit’. Aww, I thought. She likes animals. I wonder if she’ll get to stroke its big floppy ears? But when the spelling … Read More

Here & now: Sophie Dorling

23/08/2019 |

Sophie Dorling is searching for work

‘No, I’m still looking.’ These four words have crossed my lips countless times in recent weeks and months. ‘There’s just nothing out there’ – an all-too-common phrase also. Job hunting isn’t something I like … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘Longer term memory is a blessing’

23/08/2019 |

Sheila Maxey reflects on memory

Memory is a touchy subject among old people like me because we are all experiencing short-term memory loss. What did I come upstairs for? Why can’t I remember the name of my neighbour? It is … Read More