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Reform Magazine | March 19, 2019

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The tribes of Brexit

22/02/2019 |

Jonathan Tame offers a biblical approach to Britain’s Brexit divisions

What is a Christian response to the bewildering pantomime we’re watching as MPs try to deal with Brexit? Is it possible to think biblically about all this in any constructive way?

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Reviews – March 2019

22/02/2019 |

She’s different from us

BorderDirected by Ali AbbasiCertificate 15, 110 minutesReleased 8 March

Tina (Eva Melander) works at a port for the Swedish customs service and is able to sniff out illegal items, be they alcohol smuggled by underage … Read More

Editorial: In the wilderness

22/02/2019 |

As someone who sometimes preaches in churches – and, I suppose, in this column – I feel myself at a bit of a loss when Lent comes round. Christmas, Easter, Trinity – bring it on. I don’t know why, perhaps … Read More

A good question: What makes a good hymn?

25/01/2019 |

One question, four answers

These are extracts from an article that was published in the February 2019 edition of  Reform

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Do stay for tea and coffee: Church toilets

25/01/2019 |

Paul Kerensa on awkward moments in church toilets

The number of toilets in your church gets truly tested when you’ve got a bit of a do. One or two WCs might be enough for sporadic use before or after a … Read More

Chapter & verse: Exodus 16

25/01/2019 |

Francis Brienen finds God’s provision in the wilderness

The book of Exodus has provided rich pickings for film directors through the years. It is easy to see why. There is plenty of material that is full of imagination and drama: … Read More