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Reform Magazine | October 30, 2020

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Editorial: The sex offender

02/09/2013 |

What is the difference between me and a sex offender? Like the Pharisee in the parable, I’m thankful that I am not like such people, that I’m not on a register and don’t carry that weight of shame and guilt. … Read More

Editorial: What’s a magazine for?

14/07/2013 |

What is a magazine for? There’s the fly-swatting side of things, of course, and the all-important pictures for children to cut out and stick to other pieces of paper in Sunday school. But I think there’s more. For one thing, … Read More

Editorial: What the hell?

22/05/2013 |

Where did hell go? I’ve been writing an article on the BBC website about the ways hell has been imagined, and it leaves me wondering about how doctrines die. How does it happen that new ideas become obvious, and then … Read More

Editorial: Speaking ill of the dead

24/04/2013 |

Margaret Thatcher – you didn’t hear it here first – died on 8 April. Two commentators reflect on her regime itself in this month’s Reform, but what caught my own attention was the disagreement between those who opposed her in … Read More

Editorial: Resurrection on Epsom Downs

27/03/2013 |

Every Easter when I was a child, we had a sunrise service on Epsom Downs. We heard readings about Mary in the garden and sang Up From The Grave He Arose as day broke.

I’d like to say it was … Read More

Editorial: Greetings from the new editor

02/02/2013 |

Hello. Here is the first issue of Reform with me as editor. I’d like to welcome you to it, but it’s probably you who should be welcoming me to your magazine. That’s not so easy to arrange, when I’m the … Read More