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Reform Magazine | May 15, 2021

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Niall Cooper

Niall Cooper: Nothing about us without us

27/03/2016 |

“Nothing about us without us is for us”

What is it really like to live in poverty? How does it feel? What does it do to your sense of dignity and self-worth? How does it feel when you can’t afford … Read More

Niall Cooper: Good news for the rich?

29/02/2016 |

The Gospel is good news for the rich too

It’s so hard being wealthy today… even a million doesn’t go that far any more. The once-princely sum is now the average house price in 4,735 streets in London, according to … Read More

Niall Cooper: Europe: to stay or not to stay

22/01/2016 |

As Christians, do we make this choice out of self-interest or solidarity?

What has Europe ever done for us? This is probably the most important question we will all be asked this year, in preparation for the forthcoming European Union … Read More

Niall Cooper: Food for all

27/11/2015 |

One of the most shameful issues facing us as a nation – food poverty

“When you only have £19 for food each week, you end up with the crap stuff.” What will you be eating this Christmas? Will you be … Read More

Niall Cooper: Work hard, pay fair

23/10/2015 |

The living wage is a spiritual issue

This month sees the fourth annual Living Wage Week (from 1 to 7 November) and the launch of a new phase in the UK’s living wage campaign. There has never been a more … Read More

Niall Cooper: Debt beyond death

25/09/2015 |

What churches can do to combat funeral poverty

As Christians, we are familiar with the concept of life beyond death. Sadly, as the cost of dying continues to increase more rapidly than the cost of living, increasing numbers of people … Read More