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Reform Magazine | November 29, 2023

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Great Big Green Week

Great Big Green Week

Jake Woodier introduces a new way for churches to take action on the climate

The UK continues to occupy a position of global responsibility at a historic time for the future of humankind. We are grappling with what is left of the ‘decisive decade’ to prevent every decimal point of a degree of warming that makes our planet more unsafe for people today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

We are facing a nature crisis with our planet’s wildlife populations plummeting. And now, world leaders are tasked with not only rebuilding economies devastated by the effects of a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of millions of people, but also escalating conflicts and war across the world, and newly in Europe. Alongside human suffering and greater instability, this only exacerbates the dangers of fossil fuels, with their increased volatility and resultant surge in costs, affecting the price of energy everywhere. Meanwhile, extreme poverty continues to hold back countries and communities across our planet from living fully the lives they deserve.

We want children to walk to school breathing fresh air instead of dangerous fumes, and parents should be able to think about their future with hope instead of fear. We want to hold our heads high in the knowledge that the UK is doing its fair share to stop climate change, and helping the hardest hit. We want to look at our countryside, forests and seas with wonder, not worry. We want to ensure that generations to come can enjoy a thriving natural world rather than one choked by pollution and a lack of biodiversity…

Jake Woodier is Senior Media and Campaigns Manager at the Climate Coalition.
Visit to get involved. The Great Big Green Week coincides with the end of Creation Time, and takes place on 24 September to 2 October in 2022


This is an extract from an article published in the July/August 2022 edition of Reform

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