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Reform Magazine | November 29, 2023

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Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Eighteen

Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Eighteen

All We Can

What would your life be like, without the convenience of a safe, secure and sanitary toilet? For many of us, this question is unthinkable – but for vulnerable families living in rural Zimbabwe, life without a toilet is a daily reality, placing families at risk of deadly disease like Cholera. A gift today of £36 could help a family living in rural Zimbabwe to build a toilet, providing a safe and dignified place to relieve themselves.

To order the ‘Build a Bog’ Extraordinary Gift from All We Can, click here

Join the Reform Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar! Every day throughout Advent, until the twelfth day of Christmas, enjoy a seasonal treat and put aside a pound. Then, when the season of good will is done, you’ll have £36 to give to people who are doing great work.

Click here to read about more charities on our Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar

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