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Reform Magazine | May 23, 2024

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Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Eight - Reform Magazine

Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Eight

St Mungo’s

The homelessness charity St Mungo’s offer a bed and support to more than 2,800 people across the south and south west. They believe that people can – and do – recover from the things that cause homelessness. The charity works to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness.

By donating to the charity, you can help to transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness. People with mental and physical health needs. People on the road to recovery. £25 could pay for someone to get a health check-up. You can help give them a gift of hope for the future.

To give to St Mungo’s, click here 

Join the Reform Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar! Every day throughout Advent, until the twelfth day of Christmas, enjoy a seasonal treat and put aside a pound. Then, when the season of good will is done, you’ll have £36 to give to people who are doing great work.

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