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Reform Magazine | May 19, 2019

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Commitment-Phobe: My new confidence

29/04/2019 |

I have found new confidence in leading worship

As I have lamented countless times, I do not play an instrument or read music, which is a regular source of anxiety when it comes to worship leading. I have allowed it … Read More

Tell your church building’s story

29/04/2019 |

It’s time for churches to tell their story, says Valerie Jenkins

In 2020, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Pilgrim Fathers, when Congregational Christians escaped persecution in England by sailing to the New World. It would … Read More

‘Bonkers but beautiful’

29/04/2019 |

Caroline Andrews on being the minister of a tourist attraction

The building of Saltaire United Reformed Church is like a folly – bonkers but beautiful. Saltaire is a Unesco World Heritage site, an industrial village built by the mill owner … Read More

Coming out from the pulpit

29/04/2019 | 1

What goes through your head when you tell a churchthat you are gay? Lee Battle explains

What does it feel like to come out as gay to people in church? When the Church discusses human sexuality, we often miss this … Read More

Safe churches

29/04/2019 |

How can churches become safer for children and vulnerable adults? Ioannis Athanasiou, Safeguarding Adviser for the United Reformed Church, shares his tips

Safeguarding is a growing issue for Christian churches and all faith communities. As disciples of Christ, we journey … Read More

A Good Question: What can we learn from Brexit?

29/04/2019 |

One question, four answers

These are extracts from an article that was published in the May 2019 edition of Reform

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