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Reform Magazine | June 27, 2019

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Faith in action: Sister Elizabeth Pio

24/01/2013 |

Sister Elizabeth Pio, nun at the Sisters of Bethany convent in Southsea, Portsmouth

The fact that I’m a Christian is down to sheer curiosity. About 10 years ago I just got curious as to why people went to church and … Read More

Fair Food

24/01/2013 |

In the run-up to this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, Mike Gidney explains Fairtrade’s latest thinking on food production for the future

The new year had barely begun before the news agenda made it clear that food was going to be a … Read More

Niall Cooper: Blame: a senseless game

24/01/2013 |

As Julia Unwin, director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has written, we face the prospect of a decade of destitution. Food banks are opening across the country, teachers report children coming to school hungry; advice services and local authorities prepare … Read More

Single Mum: Sav’s growing independence

24/01/2013 |

Sav is separating from me. It feels both very bad, some days – and very good. He stays in his room more, stays out longer, stays on the phone, stays with friends. He’s turning into a very tall, mostly quiet, … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Psalm 13: 1

24/01/2013 |

Apparently, February is the most depressing month and the advice is not to take any major decisions. On the bright side, it’s the shortest month. Christians have been famously mocked for always looking on the bright side, so we have … Read More

Sonia Christie – Eco-Gardener: Simplicity, in life and garden

24/01/2013 |

The house was in utter chaos. Ollie was preparing for his band’s first ever gig; Alex was “helping” to ice his birthday cake; Bruce was practising his lines for an amateur dramatics play and Ellie was frantically revising for her … Read More