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Reform Magazine | May 20, 2019

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Abiding peace

24/01/2013 | 2

In this extract from The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2013, Abiding, Ben Quash reflects on the capacity of Jesus to sleep through a storm

The story of Jesus’s capacity to sleep in the middle of a storm at … Read More

Do I live after death?

24/01/2013 |

A tragic bereavement sent Professor Robert Crawford back to his comparative studies on consciousness and religious belief

One morning last year, I entered my son’s bedroom and got the greatest shock of my life. He was lying on the bed … Read More

Choosing to see

24/01/2013 |

Former Israeli soldier Avner Gvaryahu tells Symon Hill how he came to oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories

“I really felt that I was joining the army in order to be the good soldier,” says Avner Gvaryahu (pictured). “The … Read More

John Hick and Chris Sinkinson interview: One truth or many?

24/01/2013 |

Marking the first anniversary of the death of the celebrated philosopher of religion John Hick, Justin Brierley presents one of his last recorded debates – with Old Testament and apologetics scholar, Chris Sinkinson

In February 2011 I invited Professor John … Read More

Editorial: “The lamps are many, but the light is one.”

24/01/2013 |

Lately I’ve been getting this (inadequate, obviously) mental image of what the “divine presence” means to me: It’s like the gas and air you may be offered through a pipe when giving birth.

In this vaporous compound is found the … Read More

Unhindering the Soul

24/01/2013 |

Anyone hoping to discover fresh ways of contemplating the human condition during Lent should try reading the reflections of Julian of Norwich, the 14th Century Christian mystic, says Paul Millward

Little is known of the woman who, it is believed, … Read More