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Reform Magazine | October 16, 2018

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Repair, reconcile, resurrect

14/07/2013 |

Forgiveness is inescapable, but reconciliation, sadly, is not. Lawrence Moore reflects on breaking and mending

Simon Wiesenthal, who became a Nazi hunter, was a prisoner in Lemberg concentration camp when he was called to the deathbed of a dying SS … Read More

A letter from… the Philippines

14/07/2013 |

‘The tragedy of Typhoon Pablo has left me with a strong feeling of helplessness and utter hopelessness’

All around there were miles and miles of houses destroyed. It looked like a bomb just exploded and wiped out whole villages. Banana … Read More

Reviews – July/August 2013

14/07/2013 |

What are creeds for?

Faith and the Creeds Alister McGrath SPCK £8.99

For a book about creeds, Faith and the Creeds spends a long time not talking about creeds. It is only five chapters long, and chapter four is the … Read More

Coming up…

10/07/2013 |

Yesterday I did the interview for September’s Reform (out 31 August), with the novelist Jenn Ashworth (pictured, to the left of the wookie in a suit). It was (for me) a fascinating conversation about growing up in a Mormon family, … Read More

Old Nick

02/07/2013 |

I came across this odd little building in Alfreton in Derbyshire on Saturday. It doesn’t look so odd in the photo, partly because it could be in the middle of nowhere (or the 18th century) but in fact it’s on … Read More

Congratulations, it’s a mag

01/07/2013 |

Last week all the work that we in Reform Towers have been doing since January finally came to fruition. I say “all the work” but actually some of the work we’ve done since January has been making tea, which came … Read More