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Reform Magazine | September 19, 2018

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Plaque and proud

15/07/2013 |

There’s a new blue plaque on the wall of Church House, where Reform lives. We went out and watched it being unveiled last week. (The picture that looks like Neil McKenna flying a kite is in fact Neil McKenna pulling the veil … Read More

A good question? Should assisted dying be legalised?

15/07/2013 |

Each month we ask one question, and get four answers. This month: Should assisted dying be legalised?

These article was published in the July/August 2013 edition of  Reform.

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Editorial: What’s a magazine for?

14/07/2013 |

What is a magazine for? There’s the fly-swatting side of things, of course, and the all-important pictures for children to cut out and stick to other pieces of paper in Sunday school. But I think there’s more. For one thing, … Read More

Repair, reconcile, resurrect

14/07/2013 |

Forgiveness is inescapable, but reconciliation, sadly, is not. Lawrence Moore reflects on breaking and mending

Simon Wiesenthal, who became a Nazi hunter, was a prisoner in Lemberg concentration camp when he was called to the deathbed of a dying SS … Read More

A letter from… the Philippines

14/07/2013 |

‘The tragedy of Typhoon Pablo has left me with a strong feeling of helplessness and utter hopelessness’

All around there were miles and miles of houses destroyed. It looked like a bomb just exploded and wiped out whole villages. Banana … Read More

Reviews – July/August 2013

14/07/2013 |

What are creeds for?

Faith and the Creeds Alister McGrath SPCK £8.99

For a book about creeds, Faith and the Creeds spends a long time not talking about creeds. It is only five chapters long, and chapter four is the … Read More