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Reform Magazine | March 3, 2021

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October 2018

Do stay for tea and coffee: Praying godparents

01/10/2018 |

You get all sorts in churches. They’ll let anyone in – thank God. And we do thank God, for that freedom, though we do that thanking in a variety of ways – sitting, kneeling, standing arms raised. You never know … Read More

Interview: Who was the real Paul?

01/10/2018 |

The New Testament Scholar NT Wright talks to Stephen Tomkins

NT Wright, known as Tom, is an influential and prolific writer on the New Testament, particularly on Paul. Estimates on the number of books he has written vary, but there … Read More

Riot in the temple

01/10/2018 |

Why would a Christian festival host Russia’s most notorious troublemakers? Stephen Tomkins finds out

On 21 February 2012, members of the punk protest group Pussy Riot staged a shocking demonstration in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Wearing … Read More

I have grown an old man’s skin

01/10/2018 |

A poem by Stewart Henderson

I have grown an old man’s skin and it is good and fortunate and impermanent. Lined now with stories, main features, and repeats; a creased and creviced parchment that will soon be rolled up and … Read More

Ageing well

01/10/2018 |

How can we make the most of later life? And how can we advise others who are facing its choices? Marion Shoard offers guidance

Later life brings many decisions with it, for those who are there themselves, for their friends … Read More

A gateway for Doncaster’s homeless

01/10/2018 |

How some unexpected visitors led to an innovative homelessness project in Doncaster. Rod Morrison reports

Long before the shops in the town centre of Doncaster started to open on Sunday mornings, when public libraries were closed on Sundays and public … Read More