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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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Watch and talk

01/11/2016 |

The film critic Jeremy Clarke recommends new and forthcoming films for church discussion groups

Films of all shapes and hues can be great for provoking discussion in church groups. You can watch them in the cinema and debrief later, or … Read More

On the pilgrim way: Looking forwards, and back

01/11/2016 |

There seem to have been a number of milestones in the family in the last few weeks. A grandson turned 18; two granddaughters went to ‘big school’ – one moving from a primary school of 100 to a secondary school … Read More

Editorial: For all the saints

01/11/2016 |

Macarius lived for six months in a gnat-infested swamp as penance for swatting a gnat that bit him. John Wesley at 82 caught a fever begging in the snow on behalf of those with no blankets. Felicitas, eight-months pregnant, was … Read More

Appreciate yourselves

01/11/2016 |

How can you become the church you dream of? By talking about what you already do well, according to the creators of the Appreciating Church programme

In 2009, Jane Weedon had been the minster of her church in Welwyn Garden … Read More

Niall Cooper: Citizens of nowhere?

01/11/2016 |

We need more citizens of the world

Are you a citizen of the world or a citizen of the UK? Do you, like me, struggle with the idea of having to choose between the two?

Don’t get me wrong. There … Read More