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Reform Magazine | December 2, 2021

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News Comment: Why I still wear a mask

29/11/2021 |

Now is not the time to drop our masks, says Catherine Walshe

Since so called ‘Freedom Day’ for England in July, two things have dismayed me. First, the numbers of those infected with, suffering and dying from, Covid-19. Second, the … Read More

Climate Sunday

24/09/2021 |

David Coleman reports from Glasgow Cathedral

Ecumenical occasions often work a bit too hard to please everyone. Or maybe they work too hard not to offend anyone.

There was no shortage of hard work, by a bewildering number of people, … Read More

Catherdral Protest

24/09/2021 |

Valerie King describes her arrest in St Paul’s Cathedral

I was one of 15 members of Christian Climate Action (CCA) who went up to the altar of St Paul’s Cathedral on 29 August, and one of the 13 to get … Read More

News comment: The last Trump?

01/12/2020 |

Donald Norwood considers Christians’ response to Trump

If you try and separate politics and religion, you end up with Trump. Or so it seems to me, after reading Sarah Posner’s Unholy: Why white evangelicals worship at the altar of Donald … Read More

News comment: Fairtrade matters

29/08/2020 | 1

Melanie Smith on why Fairtrade matters

If black lives matter, so does Fairtrade. In fact, if you say that black lives matter, and yet buy tea, coffee, sugar, bananas, chocolate or even cotton or condoms which are not fairly traded, … Read More

News comment: Our sons matter

26/06/2020 |

Traci Blackmon reflects on Black Lives Matter protestsin the US

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [persons] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, … Read More