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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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Curiously wrought

28/04/2023 |

Nicholas Spencer’s book Magisteria: The entangled histories of science and religion debunks many myths about the relationship between that old couple. As well as an author, he is Senior Fellow at the Christian thinktank Theos

Was there a moment when … Read More

God save the monarchy

24/03/2023 |

Catherine Pepinster, former editor of the Catholic magazine The Tablet, published her book Defenders of the Faith on religion and the British monarchy a year ago. She has now updated it to cover the accession of Charles III and his … Read More

A faithful restlessness

24/02/2023 |

Paul Northup, Creative Director of Greenbelt festival, talks to Reform. 2023 sees Greenbelt’s 50th festival. The United Reformed Church has been an associate partner of Greenbelt since 2016

Greenbelt is celebrating its 50th anniversary, like the URC. What did Greenbelt … Read More

Blown up by God

27/01/2023 |

Poet, diversity advocate and heritage buff Jay Hulme talks to Reform about hiding in cathedrals, his life blowing up, and doing interviews with gloves on. He performed at Greenbelt festival in 2022

We have to begin with cathedrals. As I … Read More

Premier Christianity

28/11/2022 |

Mark Vickers, Catholic priest and author of God in Number 10: The personal faith of the prime ministers, from Balfour to Blair talks to Reform

God in Number 10 covers the diversity of the religious faith of the 19 prime … Read More

Long walk to justice

01/11/2022 |

Interview with Richard Reddie

Richard Reddie is Director of Justice and Inclusion at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. He has edited Race for Justice: The struggle for equality and inclusion in British and Irish churches, a collection of 14 … Read More