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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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February 2023 Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Reform Magazine

Here & now: Philippa Osei

27/01/2023 |

Philippa Osei finds inspiration in Korea

As Moderator-Elect of the United Reformed Church Youth Assembly, I was recently invited by the Council for World Mission and the World Council of Reformed Churches to South Korea for the Women in Leadership … Read More

All are welcome? Age and maternity

27/01/2023 |

Is there a place for church members without children?

I wonder what feeling genuinely welcome means to you. In this column I am speaking to a range of people from around the URC about their experiences of church and what … Read More

Chapter & verse: Luke 6:39

27/01/2023 |

Catherine Lewis-Smith takes issue with Jesus’ attitude to blindness

Jesus says some strange things about visually impaired people. His compassion for them is huge and he transforms the lives of many by restoring their sight. One of my favourite Gospel … Read More

News Comment: Ukrainian hub

27/01/2023 |

How Trinity Enfield, responded to the war in Ukraine

When the war in Ukraine broke out a year ago, Trinity Church, Enfield, provided the public with blue and yellow ribbons to tie on our church railings, as prayers for peace … Read More

A good question: What’s go good about growth?

27/01/2023 |

One question, four answers

KEVIN SNYMAN‘The driver of growth is debt’

The year 2100 is the date to watch, apparently. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a stark warning: we are on track for runaway global temperature rises … Read More

Jesus and… the Spirit

27/01/2023 |

A new series learning from the life and teaching of Jesus. First up, John Proctor looks at Jesus and the Spirit

Jesus was not alone. He was attuned. He was accompanied. He was assured, inspired, empowered and enabled. People noticed, … Read More