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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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“Can we, dare we, be faithful together?”

20/11/2012 |

As the United Reformed and Methodist Churches continue exploring ways of working more closely together, David Cornick highlights challenges and interests common to both denominations

One of the common challenges facing the United Reformed and Methodist Churches concerns demographics. I’m … Read More

Time is not money

20/11/2012 |

This is a difficult but crucial lesson for even the most hard-working of us to learn, says Stephen Cherry

The American statesman Benjamin Franklin is well known for his wise sayings. Among the most famous is his equation of time … Read More

Military wife

20/11/2012 |

A year and a half into her new role, Helen Jones (pictured) shares what she has learned so far as the spouse of a URC army chaplain

The success of The Military Wives Choir over the last year has given … Read More

Operation restore hope

20/11/2012 |

Claire Smith reports from Bethlehem, where a project for children aims to sow seeds of hope among a generation growing up amid crisis and despair

The place of Jesus’ birth is today a place of unemployment and poverty, where the … Read More

Scandal of hunger

20/11/2012 |

Andrew Hogg explains why development agencies are demanding changes to the systems that exacerbate hunger in a world of plenty

The word “agflation” – a new addition to the English language – not only looks and sounds distinctly unprepossessing, it … Read More

Free for the future

20/11/2012 |

Fleur Houston gets a taste of modern European ecumenism at the Assembly of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe

The grey cloisters provided shelter from the sun, which was beating down on the red roofs of Florence in September, … Read More