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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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December 2012/January 2013 Archives - Reform Magazine

The Manger and the Cross

20/11/2012 | 1

Where, asks Rosalind Selby, is the enfleshment of the Son of God to be most inclusively understood?

Many (perhaps most) Christmas sermons across the western world will offer congregations the good news that Jesus was born, in human flesh amongst … Read More

Jane Williams interview: “God is really what we have to offer”

20/11/2012 |

Justin Brierley meets author, lecturer and theologian Jane Williams

Because my wife is a local church leader, I’m often introduced to people as “the husband of our minister”. Jane Williams is someone who can identify with that, but magnified by … Read More

Three last thoughts on the Great Ejectment

20/11/2012 |

Though the 350th anniversary year of the Great Ejectment is drawing to an end, three aspects of its legacy in particular should continue to inspire us, says Alan PF Sell

hat a year of celebrations and commemorations 2012 has been! … Read More

How to speak of Christ

20/11/2012 |

John Bradbury consults ancient church philosophers to help sharpen his insights on the incarnation for today

The mince pies have been in the shops for weeks. The Christmas decorations began emerging months ago, and Christmas is nearly upon us again. … Read More

On the pilgrim way: Living in the moment

20/11/2012 |

I have always been a long-term planner, but I only discovered as an adult that not everyone has a mental diagram of the year ahead. My years have four corners – end of April, June, September and December – and … Read More

I wonder…

20/11/2012 |

Christina Rees offers an Advent reflection on the importance of wondering, from her new book of writings and recipes

One of the aspects of God I think about the most is the Divine creativity. Whatever it was that happened at … Read More