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Reform Magazine | November 28, 2021

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July/August 2013

The long road

06/12/2013 |

Two views on Nelson Mandela


This article was published in the July/August 2013 issue of  Reform.

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Milton Jones interview: Standup for Jesus

19/07/2013 | 1

The comedian Milton Jones talks to Stephen Tomkins

Milton Jones was acclaimed as one of the best comedians on the standup circuit for years before he became more widely known through BBC2’s Mock the Week.

His trade is one-liners. Some … Read More

Community-minded: Looking back

19/07/2013 |

‘Letting go is hard, but we hope to leave a legacy of transformed communities’

Writing this last column for Reform had reminded me that letting go is always hard. There came a time when Jesus had to entrust the task … Read More

Chapter & verse: Matthew 19: 24

17/07/2013 |

‘If I fear for the rich man’s soul, then I ought to fear for mine’

Not long ago I was saying grace at a very smart dinner in London (like you do) and I was sat next to a very … Read More

Niall Cooper: Faith in the fragments

16/07/2013 |

‘For many, the experience of urban life is shattering’

Fragmentation is increasingly the shared experience of most of us living in urban communities. Manchester, the melting pot of the industrial revolution, is now more fragmented than at any time in … Read More

Notes from a dark place

16/07/2013 |

How learning to let go allowed me to live again by Anonymous

I seriously thought about killing him. I quickly realised I never would, but only because I wouldn’t get away with it.

How I hated going to bed. As … Read More