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Reform Magazine | November 28, 2021

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October 2013

Simon Jenkins: How to listen to other faiths

21/10/2013 |

Every few months my doorbell rings and I see two familiar West Indian ladies, one tall, the other short, through the frosted glass. I’ve never been a fan of the JW brand, and so I decided a couple of years … Read More

Parting thoughts

02/10/2013 |

David Goodbourn reflects on what matters when you have months left to live

Be careful what you preach! It was the first Sunday in Lent this year, and I spoke about entering the wilderness with Jesus. There, I said, we … Read More

Faith leaps

02/10/2013 |

Søren Kierkegaard is 200 this year. Rodney Wood celebrates the thinker who championed individual faith against institutional religion

In my late teens, when I should have been giving all my time to studying for my degree, I discovered Søren Kierkegaard, … Read More

Niall Cooper: Reclaiming welfare

02/10/2013 |

‘Welfare has almost become a dirty word’

I’m proud to live in a country which can count the creation of the modern welfare state as one of its finest achievements, and one of its key founding principles in 1945 was … Read More

Joel Edwards interview: Goal difference

02/10/2013 |

The campaigner Joel Edwards talks to Stephen Tomkins

Joel Edwards has been one of the leading British evangelicals of his generation. He directed the Evangelical Alliance for more than 10 years, and since 2008 has led Micah Challenge – an … Read More

The Enough girls

02/10/2013 |

Stan Hazell reports on an open house for teenagers in Bristol

“If they swear in my company they have to do 10 press-ups,” says Zoe Williams (pictured right) of the youngsters in the football team she runs as part of … Read More