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Reform Magazine | December 2, 2023

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Reviews November 2023

30/10/2023 |

The way of lawlessness

Killers of the Flower MoonDirected by Martin ScorseseCertificate 15, 206 minutesReleased 20 October

This film is adapted from David Grann’s book of the same name about the real life Osage Indian Murders of the 1920s. Demobbed … Read More

Reviews October 2023

26/09/2023 |

On the front line

20 Days in MariupolDirected by Mstyslav ChernovCertificate 18, 94 minutesReleased 6 October

Some films are incredibly tough to watch, yet you know you need to watch them. This documentary is one of those. The experience of … Read More

Reviews September 2023

29/08/2023 |

A desire for justice

Bobi Wine: The people’s presidentDirected by Moses Bwayo, Christopher SharpCertificate 12A, 121 minutesReleased 1 September

At the start of this remarkable documentary about Uganda, a small group of people engage in impromptu Christian prayer in a … Read More

Reviews July/August 2023

26/06/2023 |

Language for the deaf

Name Me LawandDirected by Edward LovelaceCertificate PG, 91 minutesReleased 7 July

Lawand, a young Iraqi boy, has been written off. He is different, he apparently doesn’t want to communicate with others. No one in his home … Read More

Reviews June 2023

31/05/2023 |

Interrogating the text

RealityDirected by Tina SatterCertificate 12a, 83 minutesReleased 2 June

A film named after not, as you might imagine, a state of truth, but a young woman, the main protagonist Reality Winner (Sydney Sweeney). She works in a … Read More

Reviews May 2023

28/04/2023 |

A time for reflection

LakelandsDirected by Robert Higgins, Patrick McGivneyCertificate 15, 100 minutesReleased 05 May

We plan our lives, or not, and they proceed, and everything’s hunky dory. Or sometimes things come out of nowhere and knock us for six. … Read More