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Reform Magazine | May 27, 2024

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The fight goes on - Reform Magazine

The fight goes on

The UK may, as we fervently hope, be emerging from the pandemic, however unsteadily. But poorer parts of the world are still in the midst of its ravages, and even here it will take a lot of work to repair the damage. So we have asked our friends in charities what they are doing to help, and what we can do to help them.

Deliver emergency provision

Since March 2020, All We Can has remained committed to helping people living in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to stand strong in the face of Covid-19. In recent months, as India faces a deadly second wave of the virus, All We Can has worked together with the Methodist Church in Britain and partners in India to support marginalised communities in Telangana, Southern India, Jabalpur, and across 90 villages in rural Odisha, through emergency food rations, sanitary kits, medical equipment, financial assistance, agricultural support and public awareness campaigns.

To find out more and to donate to the work of All We Can, visit
or call 020 7467 5132.

Fly in vaccines

A Mission Aviation Fellowship aircraft is often the only way to safely deliver vaccines to many of the world’s most isolated communities. Since February, MAF has flown 1,500kg of vaccines and medical equipment across 5 low-income countries, providing protection for rural communities facing a third wave of Covid-19.

In June, MAF delivered a second batch of jabs to mountainside clinics in Lesotho including Kuebunyane (pictured). This location is a four-hour hike across deep valleys to reach a road, and a further four-hour drive to a hospital. The journey is too arduous for fragile inoculations, making MAF the only way for vaccines to reach this community and countless others across the developing world.

To find out more and to donate to the work of MAF, visit

Be there for older people

Age UK’s advice line has been a lifeline for thousands of older people and their families during the pandemic. Lockdown brought an unprecedented number of calls, peaking at an 88% increase. Friendship services saw demand nearly treble. As the pandemic continues, Age UK’s urgently needs funds so it can continue to be there for older people who have no one else to turn to. Anyone who needs support can call 0800 169 6565.

To find out more and to donate to the work of AgeUK, visit or call 0800 077 8751.

Provide safety

Christian Aid has responded in 27 countries that are also coping with extreme poverty. In addition to raising awareness of how to keep safe from coronavirus, Christian Aid has handed out soap to around 250,000 people and given food packages to nearly 60,000 who have lost work following lockdown.

In India, Christian Aid has helped support around 130,000 of the most vulnerable people, providing them with life-saving health information, as well as ensuring they can access welfare and healthcare. It has given food to more than 15,000 people struggling to feed their families and distributed soap and reusable masks to over 2,000 people to help keep them safe.

To find out more and to donate to the work of Christian Aid, visit or call 020 7523 2493.

Support vulnerable children

After over a year of unprecedented restrictions on family life, the UK’s most vulnerable children and parents are at rock bottom, with many struggling to afford food, heat homes and pay bills. Throughout the pandemic, Action for Children’s digital advice service, Parent Talk, has supported over 427,000 parents and carers, more than four times the number from the previous year. Over 10,000 individuals have received one-to-one support through live chat from our support workers.

To find out more and to donate to the work of Action for Children, visit or call 0300 123 2112.

Supply treatment in Yemen

Six years of war has devastated Yemen’s healthcare system. Malnutrition is increasing, epidemics like cholera are common, and hospitals have been overwhelmed by the country’s second Covid wave. MSF has been supporting the Covid treatment centre in Al Gamhouria hospital, in Aden (pictured). Since the centre opened in March, our team has seen a dramatic influx of critically ill Covid-19 patients requiring hospitalisation. We increased bed capacity threefold to cope with the number of patients. Amid limited intensive care capacity and acute oxygen shortages, staff are working hard to treat severely ill patients and to make a difference to the lives of people affected.

To find out more and to donate to the work of MSF, visit or call 020 7404 6600.

Support Gaza’s healthcare

Embrace is working through our Christian partner organisations on the ground in Gaza and across Israel and Palestine. They are in many cases trying to support the already overstretched healthcare system, which has been struggling to cope with the spread of Covid-19, and is now damaged and overrun from those injured in the recent conflict.

Our partners, including the Al Ahli Arab Hospital and Caritas Jerusalem (which provides primary healthcare clinics on the edge of Al Shati refugee camp and through mobile medical teams), are providing emergency support to the many thousands of people in need.

To find out more and to donate to the work of or call 01494 897950.

Act for a people’s vaccine

Like a tsunami, Covid has devastated healthcare systems worldwide. Poor Black and Brown people are worst hit, having to wait 57 years to match G7 citizens, who will be vaccinated by 2022. Commitment for Life wants everyone to take action for a people’s vaccine at

To find out more and to support the United Reformed Church’s Grateful for Our Vaccines appeal, visit .


This article was published in the July/August 2021 edition of Reform

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