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Reform Magazine | June 14, 2024

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Reverse Advent Calendar 2020: Day 31 - Reform Magazine

Reverse Advent Calendar 2020: Day 31

Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East is a Christian charity with over 160 years’ experience helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from a life of poverty and injustice. With £38 we can change lives. We send funds directly to those on the ground who can make a difference, eg a brand new comfortable and clean mattress, plus blankets for a refugee family, keeping them warm and healthy and two food parcels, which provide emergency food aid to someone in great need – bringing hope to a desperate situation.

To support the work of Embrace the Middle East click here

Join the Reform Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar! Every day throughout Advent, until the twelfth day of Christmas, enjoy a seasonal treat and put aside a pound. Then, when the season of good will is done, you’ll have £38 to give to people who are doing great work.

Click here to read about more charities on our Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar

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