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Reform Magazine | May 23, 2024

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I am... a street preacher - Reform Magazine

I am… a street preacher

A street preacher’s story by Maurice Omorojie

Increasing preoccupations with science, technology and humanism have resulted in a societal shift from belief in a supreme being to belief in serendipity and mischance. With this comes a backlash against Christianity. Christians ostracise themselves from street preaching and evangelism, but these activities are supposed to be the embodiment of the Church. Alas, the opposite is the case. Today, Christians are rarely seen preaching in public places. Street preaching is being jettisoned by the Church. Underpinning factors for this trend, particularly in developed countries, include the advancement of information technology, growing numbers of non-Christians, and legal and political barriers. Despite all this, our responsibility as Christians is to go into the world and preach the Gospel, because the word of God is eternal.

Our king is Jesus Christ, and a street preacher is akin to a king’s herald. We announce the good news of Jesus Christ, and decipher the message of his birth, life, death, resurrection and second coming to everyone under the King’s sovereignty. A street preacher is an evangelist, taking the good news to people with a mindset of bringing others to know Christ, provoking deep reflection on life and death, and urging Christians to be steadfast in Christ’s service. For me, bringing all people to Jesus is non-negotiable.

From the time of the first disciples of Jesus, there have been benefits and challenges that come with street preaching. Personally, street preaching creates a consciousness of Christ in me. Through it, I am motivated to pray and study the Bible more, which has resulted in self fulfilment in all areas of my life. As I continue to preach about the cross, my understanding of what Jesus did for me loudens. This spurs my faith, to trust God more. Without faith it is impossible to please God…

Maurice Omorojie is a member of the Grace Outreach Ministry team and  West Thamesmead Community Church, an Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed church plant in London


This is an extract from an article that was published in the March 2020 edition of Reform

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