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Reform Magazine | May 23, 2024

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Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Twenty Six - Reform Magazine

Reverse Advent Calendar 2019: Day Twenty Six


Around 5.5 million unregistered children live in Nepal. Without a birth certificate, they don’t officially exist. They are denied access to basic rights such as education and healthcare.

In Kathmandu, street children dart through narrow, crowded streets, begging. It’s risky, but no birth certificate, poverty, neglect and abuse have forced them to the streets. They are easy prey to horrifying violence and exploitation. Nobody cares for them. Nobody knows they are there.

No child should be invisible; by giving £36 you will help Toybox find and register a street child. You will change their future by giving them the chance to live the life all children deserve.

To give to Toybox, click here

Join the Reform Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar! Every day throughout Advent, until the twelfth day of Christmas, enjoy a seasonal treat and put aside a pound. Then, when the season of good will is done, you’ll have £36 to give to people who are doing great work.

Click here to read about more charities on our Reverse Advent and Christmas Calendar

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