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Reform Magazine | December 5, 2023

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My Christian Ramadan

My Christian Ramadan

Maggie Hindley spent a month eating nothing during daylight to observe Ramadan with her grandson. The result was a revelation

It’s a bright fresh June morning and it’s Eid. My grandson Muhammad has gone to the mosque for prayers and I’ve just finished my morning meditation practice in the garden. My first cup of coffee in a month sits ready to pour.

I did it. I kept the fast. I did all 29 days!

I decided to keep Ramadan because my 14-year-old Muslim grandson came to live with me in April. He’s kept the fast for several years, and, as his cook for the time being, I decided that we would keep a Ramadan household. Plus, I’ve always been curious and admiring.

So, for 29 days we ate nothing and drank nothing, from dawn to sunset. The sun set a bit later each day, between 20.42 and 21.22. Iftar at sunset was a feast – Medjool dates and milk, followed by tomato soup, followed by a main course, with hummus and salad on the side and lots of dessert. And as much water as I could bear to drink. Then more water in the night. And some milk and a banana at 2.30am.

I discovered that I am not a camel. Despite getting an uncomfortably distended belly in my attempts to drink two litres of liquid in a very short space of time, the thirst began first thing in the morning as I missed my morning cup of tea, and then my second one, and then my cup of coffee. I must be more dependent on my stimulants than I realised. I discovered a taste for plain London tap water, chilled, with the evening meal, without the flavourings I usually add. Delicious! I was ALWAYS thirsty…


This is an extract from an article that was published in the September 2018 edition of  Reform

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