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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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Editorial: Greetings from the new editor - Reform Magazine

steve_tomkinsHello. Here is the first issue of Reform with me as editor. I’d like to welcome you to it, but it’s probably you who should be welcoming me to your magazine. That’s not so easy to arrange, when I’m the writer and you’re the reader, so perhaps we should just assume warmly welcoming feelings for each other, and move on.

I come to Reform from Third Way magazine, and I’ve also written a fair bit for the BBC news website, the Guardian and the Church Times. I’ve written books on church history and biography too. By a happy bit of good timing, my biography of David Livingstone has just come out in time for the 200th anniversary of his birth, and you can read an article from me on the subject in this month’s magazine.

You’ll see one or two other new arrivals in the magazine this month as well. We’re delighted to announce the safe arrival of A Good Question. This will be a regular feature, asking a different question each month to a different panel. Do let us have suggestions for any questions you’d like answered.

You’ll also see some little new additions in our expanded news pages. In fact we’re buzzing with new ideas for the magazine, but you’ll find out about those in later issues. All in good time. Do let us know what you think about them.

I’m afraid as well as comings there are also goings. As you’ll read, one of our columnists is bringing her column to a close this month, and another next month. One is safely gathered in, the other is flying the nest. We are very grateful for what they’re given to the magazine, over the space of five years in Sonia’s case and two in Lucy’s. What has been especially good about both is the practicality of their writing, and I want to make sure that whatever takes their place maintains that focus.

Another semi-parting is with the Revd Colin Richards who will no longer be contributing a crossword, but will continue to edit the Notices page. Colin has contributed for every editor of REFORM, going back to 1972, so we thank him for all that work, and the longer you’ve been around, the more thankful you’ll be.

One more thing before I let you go ahead and read the magazine. (You do read every word of the editorial before anything else, don’t you?) We have new ways to remain in contact between issues, should that prospect appeal to you. We’re starting a blog, which you can find at: And there’s Twitter too, where you can follow us and be followed in turn at @Reform_Mag. So you can welcome me after all.

And if it doesn’t appeal, see you back here next month.

Have a good one.


This article was published in the March 2013 edition of  Reform.

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