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Reform Magazine | August 21, 2018

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November 2016

20 Questions: Inua Ellams

01/11/2016 |

The poet, playwright and performer Inua Ellams gives 20 answers

What is your favourite time of year? Definitely summer. I was born in a hot country, and when it gets hot I feel nicer.

When did you last pray? Before … Read More

Brothers in arms

01/11/2016 |

One hundred years ago, Frederick Pickering and Friedrich Hauss were on opposite sides in the Battle of the Somme. Now their grandsons have made the surprising discovery of their shared history

In 1916 Friedrich Hauss, a German theological student, was … Read More

A Sikh’s Jesus

01/11/2016 |

In the fifth of this series hearing insights into Jesus from people of other faiths, Charanjit Ajit Singh brings a Sikh perspective to the Gospels

I recently visited a very big Sikh gurdwara in Abbotsford, Canada, where we listened to … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Blessed Beer

01/11/2016 |

Simon Jenkins enjoys blessed beer

A priest walks into a bar and asks the barman to give him a Hail Mary. ‘Don’t you mean a Bloody Mary?’ replies the barman. ‘And two Our Fathers for insulting the Blessed Virgin,’ says … Read More

Reviews – November 2016

01/11/2016 |

Stories to help find Jesus through John

The Gospel of John: The Gospel of relationship Jean Vanier Darton, Longman and Todd £9.99 ISBN: 9780232532555

Jean Vanier’s new book reminded me of the New Testament letters of John: all four works … Read More

You must read this!

01/11/2016 |

Have you, and your friends and family, read enough books this year to end 2016 with a warm sense of a year well spent and a mind broadened? If not, never fear, there’s still time to catch up. Reform’s own … Read More