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Reform Magazine | August 17, 2018

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In the image: Christianity & art

27/03/2013 |

From smashing icons to groundbreaking works, Christians have had very different relationships with art. Nigel Halliday explains what he sees in it

For centuries Reformed Christians have had an uneasy relationship with the arts. For some they stood for popery, … Read More

Faith in Action: Karen Openshaw

27/03/2013 |

Karen Openshaw, chaplain for the Oasis academy school in Salford, Greater Manchester

I went to a local evangelical church as a child – twice every Sunday. My parents split up when I was 11, and then my mum got cancer, … Read More

Pope for the future?

27/03/2013 |

Two responses to the appointment of Pope Francis

Out with the old and in with the… old” cracked one Vatican watcher on hearing the news of the election of a 76-year-old Argentinian, the first Jesuit and Latin American to ascend … Read More

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

27/03/2013 |

Fifty years ago this month, Martin Luther King led a peaceful demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama. He was jailed, and criticised by white clergy. He wrote his classic response in the margins of a newspaper. This is an extract

I am … Read More

David Livingstone. Hero or failure?

20/02/2013 |

Britain’s most famous missionary is 200 this month. Stephen Tomkins explores a newly-discovered story

It’s a baptismal service, and all around people are in tears – not from joy or because they are spiritually moved, but from anger and fear.

Their … Read More

On doing and being

20/02/2013 |

Any of us can learn to enrich our lives by dispensing with shallow notions of success or failure in the pursuit of something greater, says Jennifer Kavanagh

Success and its frightening shadow, failure, are embedded in our culture. From birth … Read More