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Reform Magazine | January 24, 2018

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Editorial: Remembrance and resolutions

24/11/2017 |

I’m not much of a one for the New Year resolutions. I guess old years have taught me how little my resolutions come to. But as the nights draw in on 2017, with its international tensions, violent attacks, economic struggles … Read More

Editorial: The London underground church

30/10/2017 |

With the anniversaries of Luther’s 95 theses and Coltman’s ordination, 2017 has been quite a year for church history – which has to be a good thing in my book. (It’s a church history book.)

Here’s another anniversary I didn’t … Read More

Editorial: Guitar hero

22/09/2017 |

I was at Greenbelt festival this August bank holiday, and, amid all the music, talks and cornucopia of knitted fruit, the moment that stays with me most is a small one.

There is a music venue at Greenbelt called the … Read More

Editorial: Things they’ve said about me

25/08/2017 |

One of the odd things about having written books is hearing people talking about you in public. And how wrong they can be. A review on Amazon claims that I am a writer for Monty Python, which is flattering but, … Read More

Editorial: Don’t look back in anger

30/06/2017 |

Here’s to hope. In times of violence and hardship, worry and instability, hope is often a grim determination to carry on against the odds, but sometimes it is a glimpse of something more.

Three days after the terrible terrorist attack in Manchester in … Read More

Editorial: Party leaders do God

26/05/2017 |

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I don’t remember Easter messages being a thing that UK politicians do. Since Alastair Campbell used the statement to stop Tony Blair talking about his faith, ‘We don’t do God’ has become the expected … Read More