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Reform Magazine | January 18, 2017

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Niall Cooper: Middle-class church problems

November 30, 2016 |

Can a middle class Church be for the poor?

Can a middle-class Church become ‘a poor Church, for the poor’? A Church of and for the poor is a Gospel imperative, important both for the Church and for people experiencing … Read More

Christmas ideas: How to give more

November 30, 2016 |

Reform’s annual recommendations for including charities in your Christmas celebrations

‘Christmas comes this time each year,’ as the Beach Boys sagely advised us, and assuming they were talking about 25 December, they weren’t wrong. But what comes this time each … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse:

November 30, 2016 | 2

Simon Jenkins ponders Christingle

A few days before Christmas, a woman posted on in a state of utter bafflement: ‘A satsuma, a candle, two raisins, a sweet, four cocktail sticks and a peanut … what?’ Her daughter had just … Read More

Editorial: Trump won… What comes next?

November 30, 2016 |

You will have had some time to get used to the news, but I’m writing on the morning after the US presidential election. Everything else in this edition of Reform, apart from News, was written before then, and may seem … Read More